CpCheatsCp is a good blog! It has nice posts and good party guides. Here is what the owner has to say about his blog; "CpcheatsCp has great partnership, and we love posting the BEST Club Penguin Cheats! Our post may not be ╩║perfect grammer╩║ but we try our best. :) Every month or so we upgrade it to its limits."

CpCheatsCp has a variety of very nice posts and guides. It aslo has aquite nice header and logo.

CpCheats also has quite a simple and nice theme with a brilliant background! CpCheatsCp also has a veriety of pages and cheats.

CpCheatsCp also has Pin Tracke, Field Ops Tracker and Adspace!

CpCheatsCp could improve their blog by creating some more guides, I can see this blog being a sucess.

Key Facts:
Owner - austin4606CPYS
Stats - Over 6000 Hits
Twitter - @austin4606CPYS
Best part - The Awesome Pages
To improve - Make more Guides.div>

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